20 – Catching Up – MULLY & Dave

Tonight Dave and I have quite a bit of catching up to do. YouTube parties, swollen gums, Big Paul T-shirts, Halloween, summer vacation, and back to school. Come along for the ride.


Kobe Get Together


  1. Hi, first of all I love the podcasts, I listen/watch them on YouTube and have been playing catch up as I’ve only recently discovered them but I think you guys are doing great.
    A question or two I have that maybe you could talk about on one of your podcasts is the viral phenomenon known as Babymetal, I’m just wondering what both of you think of them as they have gotten a lot of coverage over here in the UK and are playing again in November, and also are they popular with the kids in either of your classes or Daves daughters, or is it just older (strange lol) men that like the band. Also Mully have you been to any of the major music festivals over in Japan (Summer Sonic, Fuji Rock etc) and if so whats your opinion?

    Keep up the good work!
    p.s Mully thanks for letting me know on twitter that the podcast was on youtube.

  2. Hello Mully and/or Dave!
    Very entertaining and informative podcast as usual.
    Glad you had a great time at the Tokyo meetup, I am also glad that you actually enjoyed it instead of making it a set up for new YouTube video, I was expecting ( don’t know why) a million videos of the get together, but was happily surprised when there were none, or at least only a couple of short non-videos.
    Mully, Sorry to hear about your wisdom tooth, glad you got that taken care of and as a bonus met a fellow Rocker.
    Dave, Don’t forget, giant pumpkins can also be used for pies, sweet delicious pumpkin pies,don’t let this one rot and go to waste! way more Fall appropriate than Halloween.
    Love the podcast and, thanks to your admonishment about comments, I finally signed up for an account on your website.
    Have a good week,

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