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  1. Hi. I enjoyed your podcast.
    I’m also in the process of trying to loose weight. I can identify with how hard it is to stick to a plan and also about how hard it is to get exercise when back, hips, legs, & ankles hurt. But I figure if I don’t get some of my weight off, soon I won’t be able to move at all. lol So, I’m dealing with similar struggles.
    Tomoko, it sounds like you have managed to stick with MFP. I admire that. *thumbs up*
    I lean toward the vegan eating style. I’m not fanatical about it and go through McDonalds drive thru sometimes, too, but keep trying to stick to veggies, beans, nuts & seeds. My digestion seems to feel better (not so much heartburn) when I do that… but right now I’m thinking about a sausage/egg McMuffin. (sheesh!!!)
    Will love to hear about your progress. 🙂

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