3 – The Men of Steel – MULLY & Dave

Welcome to the MULLY’S PLACE podcast. My good friend, Dave, dropped by tonight to hang out for a bit. In this podcast you’ll get to meet Dave and hear a little about how we met. We’ll also be talking about The Man Of Steel and previous Superman movies. After that, I brought a pretty funny topic to the table for tonight. Hope you enjoy it.

Click here for my blog entry opinion of the new Superman suit.

Click here for the  American Apparel News Story



3 - The Men of Steel - MULLY & Dave


  1. It was a great podcast! Your friend Dave has a really nice personality and nice voice!!! These are nice just to listen to….! Yeah saw the American Apparel thingy… uh yeah…. ! LOL! Looking forward to more…

  2. Great show. Sound is excellent. During the American Apparel story was surprised Dave didn’t start reminiscing about the 70s and 80s and the Golden Era of porn. He however seemed to be keeping it clean with those great memories of watching films with family. Kind of glad he didn’t start talking about being in the theater with Grandpa watching Deep Throat.

  3. Really liking the podcasts Mully, hope you keep them coming! I really enjoyed how it was more of a stream of consciousness thing and less of a straight to the point pros and cons review.

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