33 – V*A*C*A*TION – MULLY & Dave

Summer vacation time here in Japan. Dave wants to know what I’ll be doing this summer…since I have 6 weeks off. Wait until you hear what happened to Dave’s friend after eating the Red Samurai burger from Burger King.



33 - V*A*C*A*TION - MULLY & Dave

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  1. I’ve started listening to these on a podcast app on my phone. I’ve been waiting all day to come back home and check on youtube to see Dave’s hat. I was not disappointed.

    Although I don’t really remember Columbo wearing a hat very often.

    I agree on some of those shows in the 50s 60s 70s being more enjoyable than the ones today. Part of the reason why The A-Team found such success was that soldiers who had returned from vietnam could watch these renegade soldiers portrayed in a positive light and no one actually died, the violence was very saturday morning cartoon. Sure there was gunplay but everyone had storm trooper aim and people were rarely harmed.

    When I think of good values and the best parts of those eras. I think of Jumping Jack Lalanne. Even as the world around him changed, he never compromised in those values he believed in, respect, hard work, honesty.

    I think today people are so focused on holding onto their childhoods, many are forgetting that at a certain point, we have to learn to be adults. It doesn’t mean abandoning who you are and what you love, but it also means treating yourself and others with a certain amount of respect. Part of that respect is dressing and conducting yourself with manners.

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