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An article posted on Facebook about a backlash over a thin women running while pushing a stroller in that stroller company’s ad.

Here’s a link to the article.


What do you guys think?


Fatcast - MULLY & Tomoko


  1. I think be comfortable in your own skin and love yourself for who and how you are… but at the same time don’t use that as an excuse to remain in a obviously unhealthy state… an unhealthy state doesn’t necessarily mean thin, muscled or whatever just use common sense

  2. I look back when I was young and still fat even back then. When someone would point out that I was fat. I would get so hurt. It was hard to differentiate between who was just making an observation and who was going out of their way to try and hurt of belittle me. Eventually though I grew up and realized the people who are just mentioning it really have no intentions of hurting me and the ones who are trying to put me down are worthless and not worth expending energy on anyway.

    Overtime since I was able to gain the maturity to see that such words were not worrying about, heck sometimes I even appreciate it when someone expresses concern for my weight in a sense that they acknowledge something is wrong, shows they care enough to be worried for me.

    I know I’m fat, I’d very much like to change that. What motivates me so much isn’t teasing or social pressures, it’s the things I care about. To start things off selfishly, my own quality of life and existence. It sucks being fat, the fatter you are, the more it sucks but for some people it can be quite easy to get fat for various reasons. Most of them being behavioral or simple education on nutrition, I don’t believe what some would suggest that 90% of fat people have some genetic condition that makes them fat. Unless there’s an ice cream brand called genetics, I think a good portion of fat people may be fooling themselves.

    Anyway… preserving my own quality of life, reducing my chance of injury and making it easier for doctors and emergency services people to assist me or save my life. I think of the surgeons who have to deal with the added complications of working on an overweight patient. Cutting into someone is hard enough as it is and then when you ad excessive fat to the equation, things just get more annoying. I think of the fireman who one day may have to pull my dumb ass out of a burning building, I don’t want to either break his back or leave him feeling miserable that he wasn’t able to save me.

    Then I think of the people who I care about, I want to be as mentally and physically capable as possible so I can provide for them, protect them and enjoy my time with them. Never having to say no because I can’t walk that far, I can’t fit in that or I just don’t have the energy.

    Plus the feeling of freedom one gets with being healthy is phenomenal and uplifting. To wake up and think “oh, I have to run 10 miles to get there? no biggie!” To know whatever happens, you own two feet will carry you anywhere.

    Then of course there’s the risk of all the various nasty conditions excess fat increases and all the conditions it worsens.

    I don’t believe the “fat is healthy” business either. I’ve studied enough about physiology, bio-mechanics and just plain common sense that it’s ridiculous. Some fat is healthy, but everything in moderation.


    As for pregnant women, I think in western society people like to use pregnancy as an excuse to stop caring for themselves, eat as much as and whatever they want. People don’t realize how true and profound the whole “you are what you eat” thing is. And when you’re eating for two, it doesn’t mean you need to start slamming back double your body’s regular calorie needs every day, that’s just crazy. You should be paying even closer attention to what you put in your body because for those 9ish months what you do with your body will have a lasting impact on another human being’s life for the rest of their existence. A human being that I believe as a parent you’re responsible for and should love, cherish and spare no expensive to see succeed in every way possible.

    And yes it is good to gain some “baby weight.” But that weight is supposed to go away naturally since the production of breast milk does cause the body to use more energy and burn fat.


    As for being offended, I was actually a little surprised once I actually saw the lady’s outfit, that did seem out of the ordinary from what I’d expect in an ad. The clothing choice did seem more to accentuate her sexuality rather than promote an active lifestyle or the stroller. Ultimately though I don’t really care about such things and think we should all be able to run around naked without making a big deal about it.

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